Kristin & Kyle – Part 1 – Wedding Photography Gainesville FL

As you may remember me mentioning in Kristin and Kyle’s blog posting of their engagement photos (see them HERE) they are friends of a previous couple of mine, Ellen and Matt. As such, this wedding was a bit of a reunion with many of the key players from the previous wedding in prominent roles yet again, just shuffled around a bit. This time around we started at Sweetwater Branch Inn where Kristin and the girls got ready and did a few pre-ceremony formal portraits before we headed over to University City Church of Christ for the ceremony which focused greatly on their spiritual journey together. The fact that they have kept God so close to them throughout their relationship was honored by a large number guests who cheered like no group I have ever seen before upon completion of the nuptials. In part 2, coming soon, we will make a quick stop at the Thomas Center for the couples portraits before heading back to Sweetwater Branch for the reception which includes, among other things, a serenade of Kristin by Kyle with the support of his well choreographed groomsmen. You won’t want to miss that I guarantee!